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Datuk Nicol Ann David, a Malaysian female professional squash player, was born in Penang, Malaysia on August 26, 1983. She is currently ranked World Number 1 since August 2006, and is the first Asian woman to achieve this. She has also won the World Open title six times in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


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The Best in the World!

Nicol Ann David, the legendary squash player currently standing at number one in the world. Squash players everywhere admire here, and her rivals fear her. And this best in the world is from Malaysia. I myself can't believe something this great actually came from Malaysia. Well, then again, there's Lee Chong Wei but that's a totally different story altogether.

Anyway, I've seen some of her squash matches and I must say that she is pretty agile. I mean, I wish that I have her agility and reaction speed. It would've helped me a lot in my basketball and handball games. Her stamina is pretty high as she can withstand numerous long period games without seeming to be at lost in her strengths.

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Promising Star

I am proud of Nicol as a Malaysian because she has fought for us in so many competitions and tournaments around the world and thanks to her, Malaysian became better known throughout the globe. I am even more proud of the fact that she is also a Penangite just like me.

My family and I love watching squash and we would all sit together in the living room and watch Nicol fight for the country. We cheered with her every win and shed tears over her losses. IT was fun to be supportive of such an amazing player.

I had the privilege of meeting Nicol herself in person when I was in the Penang Airport one fine day. I had waited for her to finish her breakfast before shyly asking for a signature. She politely gave me what I wanted and went on her way. It was nice to feel welcomed from the Promising Star of Malaysia

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Duracell Bunny

Many say if there is Squash in Olympic Games, Malaysia will get her first gold medal way long ago. She is at the peak of female Squash and dominated the game for years and with her dedicated hard work, I believe she can remain as top player in Squash as long as she like it. Her nickname – Duracell Bunny depict her tireless run on the court chasing for every single point. Even her rival, Natalie Grinham is astonished by the stamina of Penang lady. With Natalie Grinham, they orchestrated one of the great finals of Women’s World Open in World Open 2006 which saw Nicole David went on to win in match lasted for 102 minutes.

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