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Lee Chong Wei is a professional badminton from Malaysia. As a singles player, Lee was ranked first worldwide for 199 consecutive weeks from August 2008 to June 2012. Lee is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for more than two weeks.


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The Hero of the Nation.

I love watching badminton matches since I was a child, and it’s very exciting, happy and proud to see our national team playing in the tournaments.

The most unforgettable match from Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, is of course his men’s single badminton gold medal match against Lin Dan at the London 2012 Olympics Games. I almost teared up when I saw Dato’ Lee on screen, not because he lost the match, but because he looked so disappointed for feeling like he let the Malaysians down.

No, he did not let us down indeed. He performed very well throughout the game, even when his ankle injury was not fully recovered yet.

Thank you for uniting us and making us proud again!

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The best of the best.

Lee Chong Wei, the person that brings families and friends together.
I always remember how me and my family members gathered in front of the TV just to watch him do his best and outshine all the other players in the court.

We always love his badminton matches as he plays we strength and agility. And I admire his spirit. Especially in his match against his arch rival, Lin Dan. Sometimes, it does make me sad watching him getting close to the gold only to have it denied by one or two points.

The look on his eyes, just like in the 2008 Beijing Olympics was heart breaking. I did not comment on the recent Olympics as I did not watch it.

All in all, we wish you all the best in the future Mr. Lee. Bring our nation's pride as you step up in the court.

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Malaysian Pride!

The badminton warrior of Malaysia, Lee Chong Wei, is probably one of the greatest athletes to ever come from Malaysia. His talents alone was able to tell other countries that Malaysia isn't a country full of useless people. If anything, he managed to induce fear in his opponents when it comes to badminton.

It is nearly impossible to find a Malaysian that has not heard of his name. I do remember a story about Proton awarding him with a Proton Inspira. I wonder what happened to that car though. I'll leave the imagination to you folks. It was kind of weird to find Rosmah, the Prime Minister's wife, to be sitting in the middle of him and his wife for his wedding though. Although he's no longer as good as he was before, he's still a excellent badminton player.

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One of Malaysia's brightest stars

Chong Wei has done Malaysia proud in more than one occasion. Thanks to his achievements, Malaysia has been put on the map (at least in Badminton) as the country with one of the best players in the world.

The term "1Malaysia" has never been applied so strongly as to when Chong Wei takes the stage and fights for the country in competitions around the world. I remember sitting at a local mamak food stall and it was absolutely packed with Malaysians of all races. All of us there were supporting Chong Wei, all of us were united as Malaysians. Thank you Chong Wei, for all your accomplishments. You have made Malaysia proud and you are certainly a hero worth uniting under.

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(Updated: November 11, 2012)

Your Achievements are Malaysians' Pride!

Salut to our, Malaysians' hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei for all his superb achievements: being the World No. 1 Ranking Badminton Player, 2x Olympic Silver Medal achievement... etc. You are really hero, and make us proud with your honors and awards.

Dato' Lee puts a lot of efforts in his career as a National Badminton Player, with all his achievement, we all know he had sacrifice more than anyone to maintain his reputation. I still remember his latest match in Olympic 2012 against Lin Dan, China & World Ranking No.2 player. Both of them are closest competitors in all areas including skills and stamina. Even though Dato' Lee lost the match but we do see his efforts in completing the game, the pride of fighting until last moment. Excellent smashes which hits the border line and with his full strength just to earn 1 score.

I am still having high hope on you, Dato' Lee. I strongly believe that you will bring a Gold Medal Award from Olympic soon.

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A son worthy of Malaysia.

I first watched Lee Chong Wei out of curiosity at the Asian Games when I heard that he was Malaysian and No. 1 in the world. Although being Singaporean, I felt proud that our neighbours could produce such talent to sit atop the world rankings in the ever-competitive world of badminton.

Lee is not the kind of athlete who makes badminton seem like an art, a la Roger Federrer for tennis. rather, he has the kind of never-say-die spirit and refuses to be cowed down by the quality of his opposition. After watching him play at the Thomas Cup, SEA Games and Asian Games, I'd say he is a son all Malaysians should be proud of.

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Hero of Malaysia

Chong Wei is a very hardworking badminton player. He has strong will to win and always go extra miles to achieve ultimate goal. He improves his physical weakness to compete with stronger Lin Dan and improvised his techniques to have more weapons to win a game. The gold medal match in London Olympics 2012 is painful experience for him but I believe he could rise again and challenge Lin Dan to a win in future. I watched the match and felt the pressure on him. It is not easy to reach final at such level and not easy to play aggressive against a player like Lin Dan but he gave a good fight. Even though he is not champion on the floor, he is champion in every Malaysian’s heart.

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