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Listing created by PolarBear on January 30, 2014    

Phiten merchandises are available in 28 countries worldwide with over 400 shops. Many world classed athletes, including Sergio Garcia (pro Golfer), Datuk Lee Chong Wei (Pro Shutter), are prod endorsers of Phiten and have benefited from the products especially for relaxation and reducing muscle fatigue.


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(Updated: January 30, 2014)

Probably works

I am open-minded to alternative ways to improving health. My mum has persistent neck ache so she wanted to try Phiten to lessen the pain.

The guy demonstrated using one of the necklaces by tying the necklaces on our hands and try to lift heavy bottles with and without the necklaces. Without the necklaces, the bottles were heavier, no joke! However, when we purchased a necklace and tested it at the shop, surprisingly it didn't work.

Anyway, my mum has been wearing the necklace for 2 months and she claimed that her neck pain has reduced. I'm not sure if it is a placebo effect.

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