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Malaysia Airlines is the government-owned flag carrier of Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines operates flights from its home base in KL International Airport and flies all over Asia and the Middle East as well as the lucrative "Kangaroo Route" between Europe and Australia.


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A true 5 star service

On November 2012, I had to travel to the States to visit my sister. I browsed through the tickets online and MAS offered the cheapest seats.

My overseas flight was a long 7 hours, transit for 1 hour and another 14 hours of flight. So I flew for roughly 21 hours. However, I did not mind as the in flight services was top notched. I think I am classified as one of those annoying passenger who calls the flight attendant every 30 minutes. I am impressed that the flight attendants showed their professionalism by having a smile on their faces throughout the flight despite showing some signs of fatigue.

The food was also delicious. I personally liked the bread they serve in flight. But unfortunately, only 1 serving per person. I however did not like the Japanese noodles that they serve after the transit in Tokyo. I remembered dabbing too much wasabi and burning my ears after the meal.

The luggage service was also convenient. I carried a guitar from the US back to Malaysia at no extra charge. Truly a 5 star airliner.

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The Trip to London.

I always loved going to the airport. There's just something about it that gives me peace of mind. And whenever I see the MAS logo, I'll always be reminded of my trip to London when I was 6 years old. Back then, the airport was in Subang. It was called Terminal 3 if I'm not mistaken. Good times.

I do recall boarding the plane smoothly without any trouble and the flight took off pretty fast. From Malaysia to England, it took quite some time to reach so there were times when my parents were asleep and I'd be awake wondering what to do. I remember seeing a pretty flight attendant who kept looking at me and asking if I needed anything. I guess she knew I was bored to death while my parents were asleep and wanted to make sure a small child like me at the time felt okay.

The food on the place was great as far I remembered but my mother didn't seem to like the cheese.

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Great hospitality

As a savvy traveler, I always fly with budget airlines. And since MAS has introduced a family scheme plan and my sister happened to work with the company, I can now travel around the world with cheaper fare ticket.

I love MAS hospitality and their flight attendants strive their best to accommodate your requests. Their staffs are exceptional. Smiling most of the time, I feel at ease and warm.

Flying with MAS always lifted up my mood. With comfy, brightly colored seats, good food and entertainment, make flying long distance seems shorter and in a breeze.

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