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AirAsia Berhad is a Malaysian-based low-cost budget airline. under the stewardship of entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, AirAsia has grown to operate scheduled domestic and international flights to over 400 destinations spanning 25 countries. AirAsia is Asia's largest low-fare, no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia.

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(Updated: July 25, 2013)

Kad Siswa Scam

My family traveled so far to the airport to get the so called 50% discount but the card was useless! I forgot the details about how it works but the summary is that the 50% discount applied will end up making it more expensive than the current ticket price. From this, you can see what a lousy company Air Asia is.

However, I would say that their prices are quite reasonable so that most (not all) people can fly. I don't mind the cramped seats since this is a budget airplane.

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Now everyone can fly?

True to their tagline, Air Asia offers us all a chance to travel with a very minimal cost. However, this all comes at a price. The leather seats are comfy and spacious. But there will be little to no leg room between the rows. Expect a cramped leg if you're flying extra hours.

The in flight meal? RM2 for a 350ml bottle of water and RM8 for a chicken rice. Well, I say it is overpriced.
My suggestion: bring your own snacks if you want to save a good RM10 - 20 or pre-order the food online as they are just A BIT cheaper.
Some merchandise and duty free goodies are for sale in flight but I wouldn't recommend buying them as they are also a bit expensive. If you're travelling to a duty free island like Langkawi or Labuan, please purchase them on the island instead.

Baggage handling services are also very unprofessional considering the charges they give to our luggage. Avoid placing anything fragile in your baggage as I saw the ground crew tossing around my luggage(even when I had a fragile sticker on it!). If you're travelling, I suggest calculating the cost before purchasing the ticket. Sometimes, the other airlines do offer a more cost worthy solution. But, if you're looking to save the extra cash, Air Asia would definitely be my number one recommendation.

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(Updated: March 02, 2013)

Refund is painful and expect frequent delays

I understand this is a no frill budget airline but I guess the least it can do is to have passengers transported from one place to another as promised on the published timing. I have taken Air Asia to Indonesia and Malaysia for more than 10 times and out of which 8 times I have experienced flight delay. My maid came back a day later than she should because the flight was delayed and they did not even make arrangement for her to rest.

Another time, we had to refund a ticket. The process was painful but we persisted. After a month of back and forth, we got the refund in my account which I have to travel again within a period of time to get my refund. In other words, I am forced to travel with Air Asia to get my refund.

Unless you are really tight on budget, there are other budget airlines.

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Cramped Seats.

There was once a time when I was given an opportunity to travel to Indonesia for holiday at a very cheap price. For an all-expense included for 3 nights, it costed RM600 and the flight was at Air Asia. Needless to say that I went for the trip, not alone of course, but with 5 of my friends. I had prepared some extra cash for shopping in Bandung.

For a budget flight, it wasn't too bad, the flight delay was already expected and it was only delayed for an hour which wasn't too bad but the seats are cramped. To be fair though, I'm about 188cm tall so that could be the reason why the seats were cramped for me as my friends were fine with their seats. Overall, an okay experience.

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Probably the best budget airline around.

I've flown on Airasia a few times whenever I was travelling in the region. I must say, that it has come to be my favourite budget airline.

The ticket prices are slightly cheaper than other budget airlines, and even when they're not, I still prefer to pay for a flight on AirAsia. The legroom is more than that on Jetstar, for example, plus there is also the fact that their check-in procedures are not inconvenient at all.

Whilst their customer service hotline seems to be overrun at times, I think it's a minor inconvenience. It is definitely something they can improve on.

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Budget airplanes with not so budget prices

One of the few homegrown successful companies, Airasia has really made a mark in the flying scene. However, service-wise is disappointing just like all other airlines. When I tried to call them, it was of no use because the line is perpetually on busy tone.

Prices are not exactly cheap either. I'm not really satisfied with the prices they offer sometimes. The only good thing about it is that it flies from Changi Terminal 1 and not the Budget Terminal, so it gives more convenience compared to other budget airlines like Tiger.

They've also been known to cancel flights just because they cannot fill the plane with enough passengers. I think it's particularly selfish of them and I've been a victim of this selfishness and greed.

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Yes, now everyone can fly

With the tagline of “Now Everyone Can Fly”, AirAsia has given chances for average Joe to travel on a plane. They always have free seats promotion. However, I never get a free seat. Usually I will grab those great deals for my getaway vacation. In order to do it, you will need careful planning to make sure you can travel on the period of the booked flight. The fare is affordable as long as you book one year ahead. You will find the price is almost on par with MAS if you try to book last minute. The only downfall of AirAsia is I do not like the way they promote food during the flight especially when I’m very tired and desperately need to sleep.

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No frills, basic airline

Thanks to AirAsia, now everyone can fly at a much cheaper price.

AirAsia always have this free seats promotion, probably twice a year. And if you're lucky, you might get a very good deal out of it.

Price is fairly cheap, I must say, provided that you placed your booking a year ahead. Last minute booking will left you with a very expensive air fare and in this situation, you're better off with a premier airline companies such as MAS and the likes.

Do note that you get what you paid for. You just pay for the seat, and for the rest of it such as baggage, food, tax and insurance, well... it's a different price altogether.

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