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Listing created by PolarBear on September 03, 2013    

She is a Malaysian actress, model and host of mixed parentage. Her father is Australian while her mother is Acehnese.


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This gorgeous, sweet lady is one of the very few Malaysian actresses that I know and remember as her beauty is really captivating. With or without the tudung, she is gorgeous. I just recently know that she is a Eurasian. All along, I thought that she was a pure Malay just because I have a Malay friend who has that hint of Eurasian look, so I thought it's in the Malay blood.

I used to watch the sitcom she was in, called Spanar Jaya. I find it really boring but I watched it because it was only about 30 minutes, and after that my favourite drama series will be aired. I only paid attention to the sitcom when she was present.

Anyway, quite recently, when Spanar Jaya is to be aired again, she said that if you want to sin, then watch Spanar Jaya, as there were times where she did not wear the tudung in that sitcom. Even though her comment was directed to Muslims, I find it really ridiculous as she was the one who exposed her hair. Does that mean that all Muslims who see women's hair already committed sins for doing so?

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