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Listing created by PolarBear on August 23, 2013    

She is a singer, actress, emcee, voiceover and ad talent. Somem of the films she acted in are Sepet, Talentime and Gubra.


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Charming Light

Adibah Noor has been the face that I always remembered as child to have appeared in many comedic shows on television. Shows like Senario will always see her shining with her witty remarks and a powerful talent in acting. I also remember seeing her on two shows as of late. One is Sepet, the movie about inter-racial love in Malaysia, and Super Spontan, the improv comedy game show similar to 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' where she is the host.

Her witty remarks are still sharp and hilarious in this day of age and in shows where she's not playing a comedic role, she's always seen as the caring mother like in Sepet which she deems it to be a part of her true self. She has always been the ray of sunshine on Malaysian television and I hope she continue to shine on for years to come.

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