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Listing created by Iswariya on November 26, 2012    

Jaclyn Victor is a singer and actress. She has the honor of winning the inaugural Malaysian Idol and Ikon Malaysia.


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Great singer

She was the clear winner all along the Malaysian Idol competition. She is as good as international singers, unlike the other participants. Besides being able to belt high notes, she has a unique voice that can easily be distinguished. She made Gemilang a strong motivational song.

I don't know what she is up to these days as I hardly hear about her anymore. It's a sad fact that Malaysian singers, especially those who sing English songs usually couldn't make it even though they are talented.

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Malaysian Idol

I remember watching Jaclyn Victor perform on television quite some time ago. Back then, it was for Malaysian Idol. I was stoked to watch the Malaysian version of the Idol television show that has generated a lot of wonderful musical talents. I recall her winning the Malaysian Idol at the same time American Idol was on their third season with Fantasia being the winner.

I am glad to see she's still working diligently, albeit not prominently but at least it's still something. Her American Idol counterpart however, attempted suicide. Yes, life is that hard, even for an Idol winner. The lady with a strong and pleasant voice that is sure to surprise Malaysians.

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