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Listing created by June on October 02, 2012    

Lisa Surihani binti Mohamed is a young Malaysian actress who has become of the most popular actress in Malaysia with over 2 million facebook likes! Born in Kuala Lumpur, Surihani graduated in law from the United Kingdom.


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The teenage heartthrob of this generation

Lisa Surihani, a beautiful young lady adored by teenagers throughout Malaysia. I myself am amazed of her beauty. And the fact that she's publicly acknowledged by Harith Iskandar in one of his stand-up comedies, in particular, Lawak Ke Der, shows that she had made quite an impact in terms of acting in the media world. I've seen her before in Karangkraf as she had a photo shoot session there. She's much more beautiful and vibrant in real life. I didn't dare to try to talk to her as I was afraid I might come across as a stalker or something similar. I wish I could get a picture with her though.

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