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Nik Muhammad Farith Adruce Bin Nik Adelin was born on the 30th of September 1994 and is a Malaysian TV Host and Actor. He is currently one of Malaysia's youngest and most talented actors.


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Charm of a boy

Nik is one of the youngest Malaysian actors I have seen to grace the airwaves in Malaysia. I would catch the show called "Adik di 9" and be entertained and amused at his naughty antics week after week. He has a cute boyish face with a big smile so it was no wonder many of my friends at primary school liked him. The girls loved him for his looks and the boys liked him for his humorous acting.

Nik has filled my childhood weekends with laughter more than once. It is unfortunate that he had to be wrapped in a so called "weight loss" scandal. That doesn't mean anything when compared against his value as an actor. People should learn to concentrate on the negative less and more on the positive.

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