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Listing created by Jelle on November 05, 2012    

A patriotic and multi-talented young Malaysian who made national headlines in 2007 with his 4-minute online video clip by adapting the National Anthem of Malaysia with his rap lyrics.

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Hahaha...Potong Saga!

I watched Namewee acting in the Potong Saga short film and I thought that it was a hoot. Come to think of it, it was a veiled reference that for anyone to be a part of anything important in Malaysia you have got to be Malay or Muslim or both. Hence, the theme of circumcision to be able to open a bank account.

In my opinion, it is a very clever social critique. It is not my place to comment about how society in my neighbouring country ought to be. But the film does represent the general discomfort over the concept of one race before others. That said, Namewee did a pretty decent job in that short film.

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Annoying ah beng

I am like that odd Chinese youth who doesn’t like Namewee. Frankly, his videos are annoying. I don’t like his wannabe behavior. He is obviously desperate for attention which makes him more irritating. I don’t find his videos funny at all. No, it doesn’t mean that I have no sense of humour. It just means that I have refined taste.

His videos can be provoking to certain races and I believe that those videos would and have already encouraged certain youngsters to be more racist, especially those youngsters who are easily caught in the hype and eager to join the crowd.

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The funny and musical person.

When I think of Namewee, the first thing that pops into my head will be his Negaraku parody in 2007. To me, the song was awesome and it was very epic indeed. Although I am still too young to give comments about the politics and the state of the nation. I do respect the gut that he has to release that song. I also love his videos in Youtube. The way he wrote a song just because the power went out. I think those guys in TNB must have been really pissed when that happened.

He also released 2 movies in 2011 and 2012. Nasi Lemak 2.0 and Hantu Gangster. Although I myself have not watch Hantu Gengster, I think that the former was really great. I love how he implemented some mocking scenes to the movie. As an example, the windows of a Proton that was broken and the air conditioner being too cold. I wondered if anyone else noticed that he was mocking our national car?

He also starred in the movie Petaling Street Warrior the movie is very funny. But only for those who understands Chinese as most of the comedy from the Chinese scene is gone when they're translated.

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(Updated: February 23, 2013)


Namewee, a name that has been heard in controversies within Malaysia not so long ago. I couldn't care less about the state of politics in Malaysia but I do like the fact that he has shown an alternative way to voice out his opinion, through music and videos. He definitely showed people that words can convey meaning and simultaneously deliver an impact just as deadly as weapons do.

He conveys his message in a form where simple, everyday Malaysians can understand. Yes, in a micro point of view, the individuals of Malaysia. Which is probably why people find him quite entertaining as they are easily able to relate to it. I have to admit,he does look like a malay guy but I have nothing against chinese people. I'm part-chinese anyway.

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Patriot with musical talent

Behind all the controversy, I see Namewee as someone who is a patriot and an artist. He voices his opinions not through using guns but through song and music. Of course, he did overstep a few lines and there was a big scandal but he has since put that behind him and has been promoting unity through his music and films such as the smash box office hit, "Nasi Lemak 2.0"

He has a rebellious side which is why you don't see him signing up as a politician but I think that's just who he is. As long as he respects the people and the government then nobody should have any reason to stop him.After all, I find his songs and movies very entertaining.

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Talented artist

First, I am on the neutral side, I do not anti Namewee or support him. I respect his courage where he voice out what is deep inside everyone heart although it is bluntly expressed. Indeed, we need people who are outspoken to represent our voice. However, there is a thin line between outspoken and vulgarity. I do not fancy his video clips and strongly discourage youngster to follow his food step. If he is doing it for publicity, he should try something else instead of sensitive videos. Personally, I like Nasi Lemak 2.0. It is hilarious and those jokes are very local and authentic where you will not understand it if you are not Malaysian.

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(Updated: November 05, 2012)

A talent that is on the border of going to waste

At first, I do respect Namewee for his talents in creating music and his daringness to voice out his thoughts. It was quite funny and creative, the way he presented his songs and videos. However, I came to realize that his videos contain just too much vulgarity. It is no longer enjoyable and instead, very disappointing.

Other than his songs, Namewee has also directed few films, such as Nasi Lemak 2.0, Hantu Gangster. He has incorporated "1Malaysia" into his films where he tried his best to show and unite the different ethnics and races of Malaysia. I hope that Namewee can put his talents to good use and make Malaysia proud.

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