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TSL Giveaway Contest Winners


For transparency and posterity reasons, this is where we will list the winners of our giveaway contests that have ended.


NTUC Fairprice Giveaway


ntuc giveaway

5 x $60 NTUC FairPrice Gift Vouchers

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 15 August 2016
Competition End Date: 22 August 2016
Entries: 130

Krystle Kay
Wendy Tay
Lee Yuenny
Ruchi Shail
Faye Wong

ntuc giveaway winners


Shilla Giveaway


3x $200 Shilla hamper 

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 5 February 2016
Competition end date: 12 February 2016
Entries: 345

Carolyn Lim
Xiu Zhen
Eiliyah Zaynab Tan


SkinPerfect Treatment Giveaway


1x SkinPerfect treatment worth $399

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 16 February 2016
Competition end date: 23 February 2016
Entries: 28

Tan Li Min


Riverside Point Dining Vouchers Giveaway


5x $50 Dining vouchers at Riverside Point

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 5 February 2016
Competition end date: 12 February 2016
Entries: 53

Mavis Mun
Tai Wei Zhe Jonathan
Sally Tang
Ivy Tan
Esther Lee


Garrett's Chinese New Year Popcorn Giveaway


3x 2 1-quart tin of Chicago Mix

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 31 January 2016
Competition end date: 8 February 2016
Entries: 191

Vanessa Teo
Zhuang Shu Ying
Jerald Tan


Huawei Band Giveaway



1 Huawei Band

Instagram Post
Competition start date: 22 January 2016
Competition end date: 29 January 2016
Entries: 88



Hotel Jen Staycation Giveaway


Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 22 January 2016
Competition end date: 29 January 2016
Entries: 2,145

Gloria Wong


Nomination Valentine's Day Bracelet Giveaway


1x Valentine's Day themed Nomination bracelet

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 14 January 2016
Competition end date: 21 January 2016
Entries: 49

Rayius Tan Sheng Han


Xin Yan Bird's Nest Giveaway


1x 50g box of Triangle Grade bird’s nest (worth $179)
1x 50g box of Crystal Grade bird’s nest (worth $215)
1x 50g box of Golden Grade bird’s nest (worth $259)

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 12 January 2015
Competition end date: 2- January 2016
Entries: 148


Sheldon Khoo (Golden Grade bird’s nest)
Shermaine Tan (Crystal Grade bird’s nest)
EU Eileen Ung (Triangle Grade bird’s nest)

Pics will be added soon.


GEOX Vouchers Giveaway


3 x $100 GEOX Vouchers

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 31 December 2015
Competition end date: 7 January 2016
Entries: 75

Saldemiu Vic Rebecca
Chan Kar Mun
Michelle Koh


Singaporeans Try Christmas Giveaway


Set A: My Little Pony Toy Sets
Set B: Play-Doh and Monopoly Junior Set

Instagram Post
Competition start date: 21 December 2015
Competition end date: 25 December 2015
Entries: 75

Juliana -
Marsha -


Dining With Tech Giveaway


3x $150 dining vouchers

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 18 December 2015
Competition end date: 28 December 2015
Entries: 28

Carina Tan
Kenny Kwek
Bee Geok


Nomination SG Bracelet Giveaway


1 Nomination Bracelet worth $200

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 8 December 2015
Competition end date: 15 December 2015
Entries: 77

Toh Layhoon


Mount Faber Cable Car Sky Pass Giveaway


5 pairs of Cable Car Sky Passes

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 10 December 2015
Competition end date: 17 December 2015
Entries: 42

Ng Mei Qi
Jonathon Yeo
Vincent Lee Wee Ping
Keng Choon Lee
Alicia Lee


IMM Best Denki Vouchers Giveaway


5 sets of $80 Best Denki Vouchers

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 11 December 2015
Competition end date: 18 December 2015
Entries: 131

Cleo Chang
Chan Xue Wei
Amandy Chin
Amanda Cole Yang
Crystal Ng


Capitaine NTUC Vouchers Giveaway


Top prize: $300 FairPrice shopping voucher, and a set of Capitaine Sardine Products. 
2nd prize: $100 Fairprice shopping voucher + 1 set of Capitaine Sardine products
Consolation prizes: 2 sets of Capitaine Sardine products

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 26 November 2015
Competition end date: 14 December 2015
Entries: 215

1st Prize: Lynette Tham
2nd Prize: Shonna Seow
Consolation Prizes: Tammy Tng and Vincent Chew


Garrett Popcorn Giveaway


Prize: 3 pairs of 1-quart Tins filled with Cocoa CaramelCrisp 

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 8 December 2015
Competition end date: 15 December 2015
Entries: 162

Yan Lin
Xabthe Stacia
Joyce Tan


TigerAir LuckNow Giveaway


Prize: 3x $200 TigerAir flight voucher

Facebook post
Competition start date: 23 November 2015
Competition end date: 30 November 2015
Entries: 32

Chua De Xun Samuel
Isaac Sim Boon Chuan
Sayyidatul 'Afifah Binte Osman


SEPHORA Giveaway


Prize: $100 Sephora Gift Card & a chance to be on the next PrettySmart X Sephora Video

Youtube Video
Competition start date: 11 November 2015
Competition end date: 13 November 2015
Entries: 50

Ivy Zhang 

Prize: $100 Sephora Gift Card

Youtube video
Contest start date: 25 November 2015
Contest end date: 29 November 2015
Entries: 170

Selina Ong 


PEPERO Giveaway


Prize: 10x PEPERO Happiness Packs (worth $50 each)

Facebook Post
Competition start date: 16 October 2015
Competition end date: 23 October 2015
Entries: 180



Eversoft Giveaway


Prize: Eversoft’s 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly

Youtube Video
Competition start date: 10 September 2015
Competition end date: 25 September 2015
Entries: 66

Winners (Youtube):

  • Alison Ong
  • Ami Zulkifli
  • Chew Weiyi
  • Chua Shu Fen
  • Jaclyn Tang
  • Jeanne Choo
  • Nurshakirah
  • Seah Zhi Qin
  • Shanna Soh
  • Tham Hui Mun


Owndays Giveaway


Prize: Any pair of prescription glasses from OWNDAYS

Facebook Post 
Competition start date: 22 September 2015
Competition end date: 30 September 2015
Entries: 29



Keds x Taylor Swift Giveaway


Prize: A pair of sneakers from the Keds x Taylor Swift collection 

Facebook Post 
Competition Start Date: 1 September 2015
Competition End Date: 9 September 2015
Entries: 112



BFF Tag Make-up Giveaway


Prize: Choice of any Automatic Beauty Cosmetics or Miche Bloomin' Products 

Facebook Post / Youtube Video
Competition Start Date: 8th July, 2015
Competition End Date: 15th July, 2015
Entries: 60 




  • Angela Wee
  • Jesslyn Koh
  • Jocelyn Ong
  • Hui Qi Chong
  • Shelly 


Sentosa Funfest Giveaway


Prize: 5 winners of 4 tickets to Sentosa Funfest each

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 21st August, 2015
Competition End Date: 28th August, 2015
Entries: 56



Singapore Night Festival Workshop Winners


Prize: A pair of tickets to their choice of workshop

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 20th August, 2015
Competition End Date: 24th August, 2015
Entries: 13

Hula Hoop Flow:
Meryl Juans Ajiwibawa
Tan YB
Find Your Flow:
Ivan Tang
Shu Hui


LUMIX GF7 Camera Giveaway


Prize: A newly launched LUMIX GF7 Camera

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 5th May, 2015
Competition End Date: 1st June, 2015
Entries: 1,390



Select Catering Giveaway


Prize: A Select party-set of their choice.

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 25th May, 2015
Competition End Date: 1st June, 2015
Entries: 158



VisualMass Spectacle Giveaway


Prize: Spectacles of their choice.

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 21st May, 2015
Competition End Date: 28th May, 2015
Entries: 31



Daniel Wellington Watch Giveaway


Prize: Daniel Wellington Watch of their choice.

Facebook Post
Competition Start Date: 10th Dec, 2014
Competition End Date: 17th Dec, 2014
Entries: 171


  • Kyle Yeo (Watch choice: CLASSIC SHEFFIELD 40mm Rose Gold SKU: 0107DW)
  • Louis Cher (Watch choice: SKU 0553DW GRACE WARWICK)

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