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At TheSmartLocal, we utilise a four channel approach to help advertisers get 360 coverage from digital campaigns.

Step 1: Our content strategists work closely with clients to conceptualise interesting content to maket your message. Advertising doesn't mean you have to produce bad content as nobody wants to see hard-sell explicit advertising. We specialise in creating engaging content that gets social media buzzing positively and people talking. Here's an example of such a branded content article we did for Casio. Those who say organic reach is dead are doing it wrong. All the engagement below is organic.

Yes, it is an advertorial - but that doesn't matter. Look at the positive feelings readers will associate with your brand. This is what can be achieved with good content.

Step 2: This content will then be disseminated to over 300,000 followers through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For bigger campaigns, we also provide another distribution channel - video marketing through our YouTube channel. Here are the different channels we have.


Channel 1: TSL Website Reach - 1.1M Unique Visitors Monthly


TheSmartLocal is Singapore's leading travel and lifestyle portal. According to public available data from traffic estimator SimilarWeb, we are ranked the #1 digital lifestyle site in Singapore based on website traffic. We have linked our Google Analytics directly to SimilarWeb, so you can see our real-time verified statistics. Before advertising with any site, all marketers should practise due diligence and use this site to measure the traffic of potential partners.

TheSmartLocal averages 1,100,000 unique visitors each month with 65% of our readers being regular, returning readers. For comparison, big local online magazines / portals typically get 200k visits monthly. Just input your favourite website into to get a good estimate of a website's traffic.


Channel 2: Facebook (Reach: 2 Million+ Organic Monthly)


Brands today struggle to get 5% of their fans reached on their organic posts. We hit an aoverage of 40% of our audience with each post. I am not sure how we got 9 million people reached a week above but that equates to 36 million people a month and there aren't even 6 million people in Singapore. Anyway, the point is our Facebook reach is insane. Our stories go regularly go viral in Singapore and beyond.

Every story we cover will be amplified on our Facebook page to over 238,000 followers. Demographics on our Facebook are similar to our website. What this means is our website and Facebook channels alone easily reach over 3 million Singaporeans every month. We just say 3 million to be conservative. In addition, we ensure every advertorial hits its target guaranteed views - if it doesn't hit its target organically, we will sponsor the posts on Facebook at our own cost, effectively guaranteeing that your story is seen by a mass audience.

We have also introduced a new advertising option recently called Facebook videos. We do the filming and distribution and you're allowed to retain the video as an asset for your own social media promotion too. Here's what the organic stats of one of our FB videos looks like. View all our Facebook videos here.


Channel 3: Instagram Reach (40,000+ Followers)


We have a instagram following of over 40,000 - one of the highest in Singapore for a non-individual account. When a company advertises with us, we create interesting and original media on our Instagram to reach more people on yet another channel. Play the video above to get an idea of the standard of media we create.

Additionally, we'll take care of the arrangements for additional Influencers if you'd like more Instagram coverage - but this comes at an extra cost.


A Powerful Three Channel Approach


When used together, this three channel approach to online advertising has the potential to give advertisers tremendous exposure as you will see in the case studies below. You get strong visibility on three channels:

  • TSL website (Content Marketing)
  • Facebook page (Social Media Marketing)
  • Instagram (Influencer Marketing)

The exposure you will get will vary on the story and nature of your business. We work best on travel, food and lifestyle stories and when given full editorial and creative control.


Channel 4: Video Marketing (Optional) (1.5 mil+ Channel Views Monthly)


We also create beautiful media that opens up the avenue of video marketing. Here's a video from the "Discover Indonesia" campaign we did for Changi Airport. We promoted 5 Indonesian destinations to Singaporeans through compelling editorial content, video travelogues and social media. The campaign received over 2 million views in total across the 4 channels after the first two months.

The next year, Changi Airport Group engaged us again to create a 4 part series which also performed well, and our videos were played in Golden Village cinemas. 

Our videos also shown across shopping malls and buildings as part of their content strategy. Malls / buildings just want good content to show on their screens. Here is another advertorial video we did for a client, NTUC.


TheSmartLocal Demographics



TheSmartLocal readers are made up of Singaporeans looking for ideas on what to do in and out of Singapore. We cover the best activities, travel ideas, hotels, restaurants and so on and promote good finds and promotions to Singaporeans.

These are our demographic figures over a large sample size. 85% of our traffic is from Singapore and 80% of our readers are between 18-35 with slightly more female readership (60%). Our biggest group is aged 25-34 - the young working adults. This makes up a hefty 42% of our reader base.

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How to Advertise with TheSmartLocal


A single viral post of ours can exceed 100k views, which is more than the monthly circulation of most magazines and more than the readership of most websites in Singapore. Yet we charge a fraction of the pricing on print media and our results are measurable. You'll also get a detailed report of your campaign, down to the minutes an average reader spent reading the article. The best part? Unlike traditional media where the time-frame of your advertising is limited, these posts created by us last FOREVER on the internet. 

We have four main types of advertising

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Branded Content
  3. Facebook Videos
  4. YouTube Videos

TheSmartLocal Editorial Campaigns


For smaller companies and new advertisers, we recommend trying out our basic sponsored post first, like that oness we created for Old Chang Kee and Gong Cha Singapore that performed well and more importantly made consumers think more about the Aunties/attendants they interact with at Kiosks. This comes with a TSL post and Facebook and Instagram shares. 

Drop us an email at [email protected] to get started. 

For agencies and companies looking for mass coverage - we create exciting media that make readers sit up, be impressed and remember your brand name. We get people talking about your brand. A front page feature, series of editorial campaigns, videos and social medial coverage can be scheduled to give your brand exposure over an extended time period in a discounted package. We also provide other digital services but it's our traffic and reach that you ultimately want to utilise.


Amplification Of Content Through Social Media



Social Media Amplification - Our content is shared to over 200,000 of our followers on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and gplus. We have written some of the most viral posts in Singapore history. The screenshot above was part of a series of articles commissioned for the #SG50 campaign.

Some of our reviews have been highly influential - a positive review went viral and caused so much hype for the restaurant that all the local newspapers covered the queues it was getting. Our advertising translates into real-world results.

Our content is shared by leading brands, companies and even Singapore ministers.b2ap3_thumbnail_K-shanmugam-red.pngb2ap3_thumbnail_TSL-retweets_20140518-060324_1.png

Direct Sources to the Screenshots above:


Past Clients and Collaborations


We have had the privilege of working with many MNC companies, large businesses, agencies and home-grown local companies.

Lastly, check out these recent testimonials from our clients.

Spa: Yuno Mori

F&B: Orchid Live Seafood

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