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How close is too close?

  2.   Singapore Perspectives
  3. Thursday, 28 February 2013
With the shockingly increasing number of student-teacher relationships being reported in the news in recent times, are Singaporeans and students more cautious about being too close to an educator? From the students' perspective, I'd say that not a huge amount of effort has been put into making sure ...

Top 3 Scenic Places in Singapore

  2.   Things To Do In Singapore
  3. Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Singapore in itself, is a small island surrounded by water and other smaller islands. Despite her beautiful city landscape, Singapore has a few natural beauty spots that would blow you away. These places may not be what you instantly think of when someone mentions "garden city Singapore", but they a...

Appreciating Individuality

  2.   Singapore Perspectives
  3. Sunday, 17 February 2013
Why is it that they say everyone’s different, but we are made to go through the same tests, and achieve the same excellent results? It doesn’t add up. It’s like disregarding the unique talents and traits different people possess by making them master everything and anything. Sure, it is good......

Growing up in Singapore

  2.   Member Blogs
  3. Thursday, 14 February 2013
I have always wondered how sheltered I am from the 'real world' on a scale of 1 to 10. Growing up in Singapore, most of us have things fed to us on a silver spoon. We never really have to worry about whether we're going to have food on the......

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