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6 Painless & Non-Permanent Tattoo Alternatives In Singapore For A "Trial" Before The Needles

Painless, non-permanent tattoo options in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): @henn.drawn , Gumtoo , Tattoorary , Gumtoo Be it to commemorate a significant event, honour a person, or simply just decorate one's body, there are lots of reasons why people get tattoos. But one...

Changi City Point Is Kick-Starting The March Holidays With An Inflatable Water Theme Park

  2.   Singapore Events & Exhibitions
  3. Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Adventures in Aqualand   It’s the March school holidays - and so begins the annual struggle for parents to entertain their kids for a week! Hint: Look to the East. An inflatable water themed park has popped up at Changi City Point , the first-ever of its kind at the......

EZ-Link's New App Gives You Rewards Like Plus! LinkPoints & Dining Deals For Tapping Your Card

EZ-Link’s New App and Rewards   Image adapted from: SG50 Icons , Food Republic With Singapore’s well-connected public transport system, we’re often found with our ez-link card tucked in our wallets.   But it’s now time to make your commute work for you -  the NEW EZ-Link app earn...

SWEATOSA - Students Can Now Exchange Bottle Caps For Sentosa Activities Like AJ Hackett & MegaZip

Enjoy FREE Sentosa activities by exchanging bottle caps   Image adapted from: AJ Hackett Sentosa With Singapore’s heat, we’re bound to reach out for a cold drink many times a day. And you might have reached out for a bottle of POCARI SWEAT . Yes, the iconic Japanese drink which......

4 Fully-Planned South Australia Tours To Live Out An Animal Planet Documentary Within A Week

South Australian tours with Jetabout Holidays   Image credits: @jordaaaan_ ,  Adventure Kayaking SA We've all had thoughts about following the footsteps of The Crocodile Hunter, or try camping out in the wild at some point in time. But though planning the perfect adventure isn't that easy,...

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