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This Branded Bazaar At Orchard Is Offering Up To 70% Off Bags, Shoes, & Clothes For 7 Days Only

Branded fashion sale at Takashimaya from 28 March-3 April   We throw around the phrase “treat yourself” to justify purchases, so that our wardrobes and hearts grow fuller with every splurge on a cute dress or some new shoes. But branded goods can be a little out of our league,......

You Can Get PUMA's New Suede Bow At This Pop-Up Truck 1 Month Before Its Launch

The New PUMA Suede Bow   You’ve seen the PUMA ’s classic Suede shoes at its cutest with last month’s Hello Kitty collection. Now, PUMA is rolling out the all new Suede Bow in two new colours, chic black and vibrant shell pink , for all the girls to rock. ......

5 Internships In Singapore For JC and Poly Grads To Give Back While Gaining Experience

  2.   Singapore Perspectives
  3. Friday, 09 March 2018
University internships in Singapore   Image adapted from: Silver Horizon Travel Be it for future employment or university, it’s important to gain as much exposure as possible. If you’re someone who’s passionate about society and genuinely wish to help those in need, these 5 companies, which are...

Singtel Circle Gives FREE Local Data On Sundays And Monthly Discounts To Families In Singapore

Singtel Circle - enjoy benefits when you bundle your services   The telco scene in Singapore's getting a little crowded, so to end the long-standing argument of why “my telco is better than yours”, Singtel has come up with Singtel Circle , that rewards you with free local data every Sunday...

10 Best Lobangs In Singapore In March 2018 COMPILED - Santouka Ramen, USS & Half-Priced Pizzas

  2.   Things To Do In Singapore
  3. Thursday, 01 March 2018
Best deals of March 2018   Image adapted from: @remintheeatingplace The CNY cashout might have you feeling pretty rich, but that's no reason to splurge aimlessly. Spend your ang pow money wisely with these lobangs, be it on $38 Adventure Cove admission passes for two or on $3 restaurant ramen.....

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