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ASICS' New Long Distance Shoes Will Help You Conquer Your First Marathon/Race In 2018

  2.   Singapore Fashion
  3. Monday, 09 July 2018
Level up your run with ASICS   It’s already halfway through 2018, and the time to make those lofty #fitspo goals a reality is now . There’s still six whole months for you to start training, and with the proper dedication, it’s entirely possible to see yourself through a marathon......

10 Late Night Buffets In Singapore That Open Up Till 5.30AM For Supper Outings

  2.   Singapore Food Guides
  3. Thursday, 05 July 2018
Late night buffets in Singapore   Image adapted from:  Eatbook There are those nights where you’re just extra ravenous. When the midnight pangs hit hard, a burger or a bag of chips from the 24/7 convenience store just ain’t gonna cut it. No, what you need is an all-you-can-eat supper.......

9 Home Upgrades That Your Parents Or Grandparents Will Thank You For

  2.   Tutorials & Self-Improvement
  3. Tuesday, 03 July 2018
Home improvements for the elderly   To us millennials, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the bread and butter of our daily lives. But when I asked my ah ma to look at my latest post, all I got was a confused smile and an  "Instant gram?"  And that’s okay.......

10 Affordable Happy Hour Cocktails Under $12 At Bars In Singapore

  2.   Singapore Food Guides
  3. Saturday, 23 June 2018
Cheap cocktails in Singapore   Image adapted from (left to right): @angiesoysterbarsg and @gelaisd Cocktails are like the fancy suits and sports cars of alcohol, and nothing says classy quite like lounging in an elegant bar and sipping away at your chilled martini - shaken, not stirred.  B... - This Jobs Portal In Singapore Pays You $1,000 For Landing Your Friend A New Job

Getting hired with a cash bonus   Images adapted from:   Carousell , WeWork ,  D’Perception Singapore , Cabin Crew 101 It's halfway through the year and that EOY job bonus is still a distant goal. Yet, you can get a bonus right now if you have a solid network and......

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