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10 Ways Jurong Has Upped Its Game While The Rest Of Singapore Makes Passport Jokes

  2.   Things To Do In Singapore
  3. Thursday, 14 September 2017
Jurong - “ulu” no more     Image adapted from: National Technological University Facebook As the neighbourhood situated on Singapore’s western end, Jurong’s been the butt of many ulu jokes. But as the area’s being developed into Singapore’s second CBD, called the Jurong Lake District (JLD)...

12 Most Unique Mooncake Flavours Of 2017 - Tom Yum, Root Beer, And Kopi With Salted Hokkaido Milk

  2.   Singapore Food Guides
  3. Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Most interesting mooncake flavours this Mid-Autumn Festival   Image adapted from: Sheraton Singapore We know the Mid-Autumn Festival’s ‘round the corner when mooncake booths begin sprouting up at every shopping mall atrium, and the never-ending debate between #TeamTraditional and #TeamSnowskin ...

7 Super Fun Classes At PoMo You've Never Noticed OTW To LAN Or Tauhuay

  2.   Things To Do In Singapore
  3. Thursday, 10 August 2017
Quirky classes at PoMo   A wise man once said happiness comes from “buying experiences, not things”. He couldn’t have said it better - and if you believe firmly in that mantra, PoMo will be your answer. And if you thought LAN gaming, be prepared to be proven wrong. The......

9 Perks Neo Garden Give Their Customers To Become The #1 Caterer In Singapore

Deals and freebies from Neo Garden     They say “good food is good mood”, and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why if you want everyone at your 21st birthday bash or office gathering to be happy, finding a caterer that whips up the most belly-pleasing food is of utmost......

Kaisen Ichi's $10+ Donburis Are Fuss-Free For Office Crowds In The South

  2.   Singapore Food Reviews
  3. Friday, 07 July 2017
Kaisen Ichi - delicious $10+ donburi, chazuke, and udon   As an ardent lover of Japanese food, I’m always on the hunt for good eats from the land of the rising sun. If you’re like me and are always game for something beyond the mainstream offerings of ramen and tempura,......

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