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20 Clever Life Hacks Every Singaporean Girl Should Know

  2.   Singapore Beauty & Wellness
  3. Friday, 07 February 2014
20 Clever Life Hacks for Girls   Life hacks are clever methods created by people to improve our lifestyle. They basically act as a shortcut giving you what you want in life, faster. Maybe that's why we speak Singlish so much, its like the ultimate language life hack. " Would......

20 Crazy Things Our Singaporean Mothers Believed

  2.   Singapore Perspectives
  3. Wednesday, 08 January 2014
"YOU DON'T EAT PLATE CLEAN LATER YOUR HUSBAND A LOT OF PIMPLES YOU KNOW!!" Most Singaporeans grew up adhering to the lessons taught by our mothers and grandmothers. No matter the ethnic, culture, religion or age, everyone born and raised in this sunny island has heard their fair share of......

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