• Faith Chua
    Party at Clarke Quay’s newest space-like superclub
    Say “bye” to club hopping because now with the newly relocated Zouk, you get to party in five different concept bars under the same roof - that’s one bar for every hour of the night.

    Compared to its smaller counterpart at Jiak Kim Street, the new Zouk boasts a 640 sqm lounge, a lavish dance floor with plush seats, an exotic island bar, and larger compartments for bag storage. While Velvet Underground didn’t survive the new relocation, the new Phuture is graffiti decorated with a larger dance floor and classy low cocktail tables.

    Cover charges during the weekends are $30 for ladies and $35 for men, inclusive of two free drinks and an all access pass to Zouk and Phuture.
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