• Faith Chua
    The “coolest” eye drops for tired eyes
    Have you ever heard people say, “beauty is pain?” As someone who uses contact lenses, I certainly agree with this saying. Thanks to my vanity, I’m always left with sore and tired eyes after an entire day of wearing contacts.

    When I first discovered Rohto, it was as though I’ve finally found the holy water of all eyedrops. I’ll be frank - the first 10 seconds weren’t the most pleasant, and I felt as though acid was being poured into my eyes. However, this mild agony was soon overcome by a soothing sensation, and my eyes felt completely renewed.

    Rohto eye drops are on the pricier side ($7.95 at Guardian), and come in different strengths from 1 (weak) -7 (strong). They are also small enough to fit in your wallet, and can refresh your eyes for up to two hours.

    Small tip: Store the eyedrop in the fridge for that extra boost of coolness. Rohto-tally worth it.
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