• Alex Tan
    Excellent platform for writers seeking an audience
    I first discovered Destination: INK when I sought to find an audience for my poetry but didn’t know how to broadcast my work to the masses. This meant I fit perfectly into their target demographic, as d:INK's aim is to provide new poets with a platform to hone their skills.

    d:INKers, as performers are called, typically get 5 minutes to read out their written pieces while musicians are allocated 7 minutes. This makes for an interesting array of material performed throughout the night, as they all fight to captivate the audience’s attention and I found myself intrigued by each artist’s diverse style.

    Destination: INK is a great starting place for those seeking an avenue to perform their written pieces, and will leave you feeling even more inspired by the end of the night. As a bonus, you may even get to interact with established Singaporean poets such as Desmond Kon, Ng Yi-Sheng and Jennifer Anne Champion who drop by on occasion.
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