• Ra Krishnan
    Cosy bookstore for the young - and young at heart
    Walking into the shop feels like walking into your grandmother’s cosy living room. Unless your grandmother’s living room isn’t so cosy of course, then just use your imagination - which is exactly what Woods in the Books encourages its patrons to do. Tucked within one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Singapore, this independent bookstore in Tiong Bahru is a bookworm’s haven.

    Walls are plastered with whimsical posters from children’s books, and shelves are full of books penned by international and local authors alike. The store is even peppered with bits of nostalgia, with childhood toys such as five stones, chapteh and board games like Snake and Ladders available.

    So whether you’re on the search for a new book to read, or are just in the mood for a lazy afternoon, Wood in the Books will definitely welcome you with it’s warm, cosy arms. It also makes for a fun adventure to explore the neighbourhood while you’re at it!
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