Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok is a haven for shopping, food and massage. Just avoid the riot areas and you'll be fine.


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I have been to Bangkok a few times, each time with different friends. There were both happy and not-so-great memories but nonetheless, each travel was 100% worth it.

My most memorable visit was of course, the first visit. My first time at Bangkok was with my BFF when we were only 17-18. It was the first time we both travelled without adults and we were pretty excited and scared at the same time. Luckily for us, everything went well. We stayed at Citin Pratunam Hotel because girls being girls, we wanted a place near to the platinum shopping mall so we could shop every day. I absolutely love the hotel. They were neither the cheapest nor closest hotel to the shopping mall but their service was definitely one of the best. Their staffs would greet us every time we go back, help us carry our “loots” and smile each time we come back to our temporary home. They gave us great advice and help too! With their free tutu service to nearby malls, we really could have gone shopping every day. I love it so much that my friends and I stayed there during my second visit.

Another place I won’t forget is the Chatuchak market. It was hot, the journey was long and tiring but the place is so cool. It was like a second platinum mall, but with cheaper offerings and more food. Sadly, they don’t open every day and I had to give it a miss during my latter trips to Bangkok.

Finally, I do love Bangkok’s roadside food. Aside from those grilled foods, we had so much variety. We couldn’t find durian sticky rice though, so we actually sneaked back durian and sticky rice separately to the hotel :/ I have a few friends who were really afraid to try their roadside stalls, but I think everyone should totally give them a try! But, don’t come after me if anything happens.

I realized so much have changed since my first visit. Prices have gone up, new transportation from the airport to city and new infrastructures coming up among so many other things. I wonder what other changes will I see the next time I visit.

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Sawadiikha Bangkok, the land of smiles :)
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Bangkok is a shopping heaven for many but I feel that you shouldn't skip out on the cultural aspect of Thailand. Do visit the Grand Palace, it's magnificent!

And then comes the awesome Thai food, oh I miss Thai food so much. Do not, I repeat DO NOT let me see you step into a fast food restaurant when there are so many amazing Thai cuisines you should try! Ok if you want to try the McPork burger from McDonald's like I did, then fine... but it wasn't that awesome anyway.

BTS which is their version of the MRT was our daily transport. It is really convenient, fast cheap and clean! I don't know why so many tourists take cabs in Bangkok when you have such efficient public transport. Though it's pretty crowded at seemingly all timings of the day, it's better than being stuck in a jam and that happens quite often in Bangkok.

Thailand is a country rich in culture and when you're in that country, do as the locals do! The locals are extremely friendly and they often 'wai' to you while saying 'sawadiikha/khrap', please 'wai' back! To wai, place the palms of your hands together and hold them close to and in front of your chest. Then slowly lower your head and reply 'sawadiikha/khrap'. 'Kha' if you're female and 'Khrap' is you're male.

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