Taipei, Taiwan

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Taiwan is a Japanese influenced city with good amounts of nature, shopping and food.


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courteous locals
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The one thing about the culture of Taiwan that left a lasting impression on me was the courtesy of the Taiwanese. Almost every single one of them were super polite as can be. Let's take the salespeople for example- we all have had the experience of having those sales persons who shadow us for every step we take, rearrange the items back to its original place after we touch them and give us the black face when we walk out of the store without buying anything. Nope, NONE of that in Taiwan, regardless where you go. They respond to your queries with patience and pleasantness, and sincerely thank you for your interest even if you do not buy anything.

Of course, the night markets are a MUST GO to. Don't just look at the roadside stalls, give those permanent stores in buildings a chance too! For one, they have a major retail franchise store called Fifty Percent where they sell super cheap apparels, be sure to look out for items on sale too!

Transportation wise, if you do take a taxi, be sure to ask the hotel concierge to help you estimate the taxi fare and to advise you of the quickest route possible; lest you get scammed by a dishonest taxi driver who decides to take you on a longer route to earn more money. I was honestly quite appalled and surprised considering how the Taiwanese were quite courteous, so being scammed by a taxi driver was the last thing I expected.

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