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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on October 13, 2013    

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is a busy city most known for shopping and its attractions like the Batu Caves.

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Boulevard Hotel
Boulevard Hotel
The entrance to Boulevard Hotel

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I have my doubts about safety

Well, if it weren't for Malaysia's notorious reputation of having pickpockets or hooligans abound on its streets, I'm sure my experiences in KL and Malaysia would have been much more pleasant. I spent every second clutching on to my bag for dear life and worrying about my paraphernalia getting stolen.

I would advise investing in a good hotel with a prime location I.e . The Bukit Bintang area where the central area of KL is, where all the major shopping centres are. It is generally much safer and easier to travel to tourist attractions; rather than paying for a hotel for which you got a strangely too good to be true deal for and end up being way out of town. I recommend Berjaya Times Square, Federal Hotel or Royale Bintang if you're looking for a decent hotel with prime location and good service yet not too pricey.

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A World in Malaysia

I just love how Singapore and Malaysia can be such close neighbours. By that I mean distance wise - somehow the God of all nature has placed Singapore in such a strategic location in the midst of all our kind neighbours, Malaysia being one of them. Due to the close proximity between Singapore and Malaysia, Malaysia is naturally a place for Singaporeans to go to when we decide to relax and want to take an adventure trip.

Malaysia, being a thousand times over larger than Singapore's land area makes it an interesting place to explore. I've heard that there are places in Malaysia which can make you look like you've travelled the world. However, being the typical Singaporean that I am, I usually take a short trip to JB which is a 30-45min drive from the Singapore Customs. Any further it would be KL, but I love KL. All my trips there have always been good. However, it hasn't been exactly a free time for my family to take a road trip together in awhile. Oh the god ol' days.

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Skyscraping Cranes & Percentage Posters

Kuala Lumpur seems to be the hub of all constructions. I went there for a vacation recently and was astounded by the amount of construction sites available there. I looked to the left: Construction cranes. I glanced to my right: More sites cordoned for construction complete with towering cranes. It was a construction site fiesta there in a three hundred and sixty degrees manner! The most intriguing construction site that I chanced upon was the one that had posters surrounding in stating that they’re building Harrods Hotel.

The roads there were constructed in a manner that seems similar to how nannies knit woolen sweaters; the way it seemed to have been woven in an intricate manner. It was probably a tad too intricate. There were jams everywhere.

The malls there are humongous. They had a wide array of stores available within those malls in a neat fashion. The price that came along with those in stocks were even more appealing. We functioned like a vacuum in the malls, sucking up all those enticing deals and offers there and whizzed out of the venue with a truck-full of shopping bags.

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(Updated: February 13, 2014)

Shop till you Drop!

KL is one of my most frequented cities in Malaysia apart from Malacca. Being the capital of Malaysia, it definitely has plenty to offer. I usually try to find holiday dates that do not clash with those of the Malaysian students, or else everywhere will just be too crowded. KL is a 5-6 hour drive from Singapore or just a short 1h+ airplane trip away, so convenience is definitely no issue.

I like to stay at Berjaya Times Square when I'm there because the hotel is built on top of a megamall, so shopping is really close and convenient! The shops in BTS are also decent and there's a wide variety to choose from. If BTS is not to your liking, other malls are also within the vicinity, so there's really no need to venture out very far. Malaysia is known for its sales which are extremely enticing, but be prepared for massive crowds and fight it out for that last bag :)

As for touristy places, I feel that KL has nice places, but there is no need to go again. It is like a see-once good enough type of thing. For example, Petronas Tower and Batu Caves are two of the more popular places that are worth a visit.

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Fun and relaxing!

We flew over to KL, Malaysia via Air Asia, a low cost carrier. When we arrived at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), there were lots of food stores inside, like Macdonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Marrybrown, which sells food like KFC. The place was quite crowded when we arrived, so it was quite a hassle to drag our bags through the crowd.

We took the skybus, which cost 10 RM per person, which I found quite reasonable. The ride was convenient and comfortable, and took about an hour, as the traffic conditions were good, to go to KL Sentral.

If you are looking for shopping places, you can take a cab to Mid Valley, like we did. There are loads of shops there, with eateries at affordable prices. However, I found the price of the cab quite expensive, which was 12 RM, as we had bought it at the KL Sentral counter.

There are a few hotels at Mid Valley, the high- end one being Gardens Hotel, and the one we stayed at was Boulevard Hotel. This was mid to high- range, and I found my stay there comfortable and nice. The place is clean and the floor is carpeted, which I enjoy!

Boulevard Hotel
Boulevard Hotel
The entrance to Boulevard Hotel
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